Thursday, October 9, 2008

For Office Use Only

The aesthetic of these post-its is so cool. It reminds me of Man-Ray and those Weegee kaleidoscope photos.

Its was fun to write about something that you can't wear. This was actually my first blog entry for the Pipeline, I believe. CH picked this one up to.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My #1 Fan

Happy Birthday Pop! My #1 fan!!!

Wish you were here.

Samuel "Pop" Wilson Sr.

October 7, 1952 - August 9, 2008

Men's Fashion Week

I felt like I was in college again pouring over and any other site I could find for coverage of the international shows. Here's Milan's trends.

I wrote the Paris trend review from Cleveland, OH. How ironic.

Here in NYC Conference of Birds put on a very refreshing show. Emily Bungert at People's Revolution, an old friend from Williamson, was such a doll with getting me these photos. I'm pretty sure had first dibs though.


Rogan Store

So I covered the opening of the new Rogan Bowery store, and boy was it fun. Boy did I have a hangover. But this piece was pretty dope.

I had an opportunity a couple months later to cover the Rogan vs. Stipe event for the Pipeline blog. I took all the photos for this post too!! Tons o fun!!


Personal favorite: Vicente Villarin

I pondered this lookbook for about a month or more. I had not heard of the line until one day when I was calling around boutiques in LA and the girl at Des Kohan was so nice and tipped me off to, Vicente Villarin. I got the info from the PR rep and inevitably fell in love with the collection. I even had Joanne's heartfelt and in-depth replies to my questions but I couldn't think of how to write it. Well not until a month and a half later. I knew I would go with a classical greco roman theme, but it wouldn't come together. I love this piece. Again, very little deviation from my final draft. I wish they had published the pictures from the Fall collection that I describe, instead of the spring. It really is beautiful.

Check out the piece.


Round Em Up

This piece got picked up everywhere including CH. Piera has a great eye, she picked out all the bags.

Here's the piece at refinery.


Merch On My Mind

They even had me writing stories about the kitchen sink at refinery!! Well not really, it was more like merch and store descriptions for the NYC area stores refinery hosts on the e-commerce online shop. All in a days work.

Here's some links to the Silver Lining and Woodley and Bunny Clothier descriptions.